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MarkLogic has announced a 9 May webinar featuring Chris Biow, CTO of MarkLogic, in an overview on lessons learned, tips and techniques designed to accelerate fielding of Hadoop-based solutions. Their invite is below:

Achieving Real Success with Hadoop

Although Hadoop shows great promise for managing Big Data, many organizations are still struggling to decide which parts of the Hadoop ecosystem to adopt in order to obtain/elicit the greatest value. A key concern is how to avoid performance and data security issues so that your agency/organization isn’t spending valuable time and resources on what ultimately turns out to be little more than a development “science project.”

Join Chris Biow, CTO of MarkLogic, and Vin Sharma, Director of Product Marketing for Intel, to learn how your agency can achieve real-time analysis, transactional data updates and integrity, granular security, and full-text search for new, immediate organization insights – all while lowering costs. Specific customer case studies will be presented on how to improve Hadoop capabilities in real-time, ACID Transactions, and Enterprise Grade Security.

Attendees of this webcast will learn practical tips, including risk management strategies, for:

  • Securely and cost-effectively managing, analyzing, and using huge data sets
  • Rapidly developing real-time transactional and analytic applications
  • Transactional data updates and integrity
  • Optimizing cost, performance, availability, and flexibility
  • Getting the most out of your data

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