Silicon Valley in a Box: A look at the Plug and Play Tech Center

With this post we provide some info on a capability we believe most of our readers will want to know more about, the Plug and Play Tech Center. For an overview see the video clip below:

The Plug and Play Tech Center is a Silicon Valley facility with a very apropos name. If you have a business idea or a hot technology and you want to accelerate it into the world, you want to go somewhere for support and when you do you want to plug in and play. Several of us on the East Coast (including our Editor Bob Gourley) make periodic trips to the valley to stay up on what’s hot and the Plug and Play Tech Center is a great place to visit to scan the technology horizon. Their business model is to serve startups with all the needs for a growing firm, so a company can go from big ideas to big sales. The tech center offers everything from funding to office space to mentorship. They also have tremendous infrastructure, including, of course, Internet connections. They have a huge SAS 70 Type II certified data center on location, providing on-site data center access. They offer hiring help, executive mentoring, legal, accounting, offshoring and even PR help.

The Plug and Play Tech Center has great connections to the high tech financial community (their site indicates partnerships with 170 investors who participate in regular screening sessions with Plug and Play members). They also have their own internal funding arm that can help startups achieve their goals. Their hiring center can help startups staff and fill needed slots, while the legal, accounting, offshoring and PR firms all provide invaluable knowledge to help craft business strategy and gain competitive edge.

The Plug and Play Tech Center offers valuable services that accelerate a startup’s viability in the market, and in doing so they are providing great help to us the technology ecosystem and well as to the country’s economy. Visit their site to learn more. We plan on writing more about firms of interest that have either launched from their capability or are currently hosted there. If you have favorites you know of who have launched from the Plug and Play Tech Center, please let us know.

You can find them at:

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