SINET helps address cybersecurity by increasing collaboration

Cybersecurity is a big deal, especially after the revelations of the role of the United States behind Stuxnet and the Flame virus. We’ve learned that cyber-infrastructure isn’t particularly well protected, and the Security Innovation Network (SINET) is looking to change that through collaboration. Robert Rodriguez of SINET spoke with Chris Dorobek of the DorobekINSIDER about how government is getting serious about cybersecurity, and what SINET is doing to advance the cause.

Currently, there are about 65 bills on Capitol Hill addressing cyber, which signifies progress in cybersecurity. Though many government agencies are having their budgets reduced, budgets for cybersecurity have either flatlined or, in some cases, went up. Also, there are some innovators in the federal government who are bringing change and addressing the importance of cybersecurity through continued investment in it.

Chris Dorobek noted that it seems like the black-hat hackers (bad guys) in cyber are the superior collaborators when compared to the white-hats (good guys). This is changing, asserts Robert, as he notes that major players in cybersecurity have begun conversing with one another. Trusted cells are being created and connected to each other; it would be great if these cells could somehow connect to the Department of Homeland Security. However, trust doesn’t scale well, and a larger information sharing platform may be more difficult to control.

SINET is all about the advancement of innovation in the cybersecurity domain. There are events and programs held by SINET which bridge the gap between silicon valley, beltway insiders, and academia. Information sharing and collaboration are important tools in the cybersecurity war. There is also a mentorship program and a consulting advisory service. These programs help cybersecurity companies understand what it means to get government contracts and how to do just that.

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