Skynet botnet operating on Tor Network, DDoS attacks are coming from data center facilities and more


Here are the top cyber news and stories of the day.

  • Tor network used to command Skynet botnet – Researchers have identified that the Skynet botnet used to commit DDoS attacks was operating on the Tor network. The C&C servers are only accessible from withing the Tor network. Tor uses a hidden service protocol to protect the anonymity of users. Via IT World, more here.
  • AT&T: DDOS crime networks now based in hosting facilities not infected home PCs – The CSO of AT&T, Ed Amoroso, has been asking industry leaders to stop DDoS attacks from occurring on their networks. Attackers have been hacking into hosting facilities and using those facilities to increase the speed and size of their attacks. Via Computerworld, more here.
  • Federal contract spending dropped $20 billion in FY12 – Joseph Jordan, administrator of the Office of Management and Budget’s Office of Federal Procurement Policy, said the drop is part of a larger three-year trend: FY12’s total contract spending was $35 billion less than the amount spending in FY09. We should continue to expect contracting dollars to drop as time goes by. Via FedScoop, more here.
  • Feds Charge Anonymous Spokesperson for Sharing Hacked Stratfor Credit Cards – Barrett Brown, Anonymous spokesperson, was indicted by a Dallas grand jury for possessing and transmitting credit card numbers that were stolen in the [Stratfor hacking incident]. He has also been charged with threatening a federal officer. Via Wired Threat Level, more here.
  • WatchGuard Reveals Top Security Predictions for 2013 – WatchGuard technologies has set out a list of their predictions for security in 2013. “2012 was an eye-opening year in cyber security as we saw the number of new and more sophisticated vulnerabilities rise, impacting individuals, businesses and governments,” said WatchGuard Director of Security Strategy Corey Nachreiner. Via Newsfactor, more here.

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