SLA 2011: Creating Groupies – Info-Pro Guerrilla Marketing

The SLA Division of Government Information was the lead division for the Tuesday, June 15, 2011 spotlight program: Creating Groupies: Info-Pro Guerrilla Marketing. The co-hosting division was the Pharmaceutical and Health Technology Division. The speaker was Mary Ellen Bates, Bates Information Services.

SLA 2011 - Mary Ellen Bates

Here are a few takeaways from the program:

  • We have to earn our groupies.
  • Take the example of the hotel maid. Do you clean the room or are do you create a home away from home for a guest?
  • Remember the difference between features and benefits.
  • What do you do that is unique and is needed?
  • When you describe yourself make sure it includes the why and not just the what and how.
  • “We don’t make the strategic decisions. We make them better.”
  • Maintain a value-added mindset, speak their language, develop C-suite champions.
  • When working with your end users, turn it to them instead of to you. Not what I do but what I do in the integrative context. Then everyone listens.
  • Do, don’t say.
  • Promote, don’t defend.
  • See yourself as a brand. Own your brand/public profile. Differentiate yourself. You’re building a 3-D profile. Cross-link your online personas.
  • “Social media puts your brain in the cloud.”
  • How to add value to your profile: live-tweet conferences, blog some conference highlights, share your presentations.
  • How to create a following on Twitter: Write so that you can be retweeted. Follow interesting people on Twitter and retweet them. Pace yourself. Don’t be flat – show dimension. Don’t post in the heat of the moment.

Here are the slides from the presentation in PDF: Creating Groupies: Info-Pro Guerrilla Marketing.

Visit Mary Ellen’s at Bates Information Services. Read her blog: Librarian of Fortune.

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