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We here at Crucial Point LLC like to bring you all news about disruptive technologies and speculate upon their effects business and government. This article is not about a new technology, but is concerned with a company that has brought about several disruptive and iconic items in the last decade. This company of course is Apple.

By now I am sure you have heard that Steve Jobs has stepped down as CEO of the company (though he will retain his position as Chairman of the Board). His shoes will be filled by former COO Tim Cook, who has been with the company for over a decade. The news naturally sent ripples through the tech world, with investors being the most frightened by the news (Shares of AAPL fell 7% in after market trading). Many people have speculated that Apple cannot continue with its innovative practices into the future without Jobs at the helm, but these people fail to realize that it likely was not Steve Jobs alone that propelled Apple to what it is today. The idea that Jobs created the iPod, iPhone, MacBook, and the iPad single-handedly is preposterous.

He had help, and now Apple is built up with thousands of innovative minds that will continue the legacy of invention and innovation (and likely legal proceedings against copyright infractions). Additionally, Tim Cook is certainly a capable successor to Jobs. He has been his right hand man for some time, and fully understands the way the company works, its goals, and its potential. Further, Cook already has experience stepping in as CEO in previous times that Jobs has taken a leave of absence. The company survived that and even rolled out a new product during that time.

While I and many other Apple fans are saddened to see the icon that is Steve Jobs go, we all wish him the best in his health. Apple will continue in a forward direction. They will continue innovating. I have no doubt that the Apple loyalists out there will stick with it and more converts will continue to flock in the same direction. Yes, the era of Steve Jobs has passed, but his legacy will live on and grow. Heck, Tim Cook could even be a better CEO than Jobs, who knows. What are your thoughts on the future of Apple? Share in the comments section below.

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