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Hi All,

I am trying to put together some information on Social Media.

I was wondering if you could tell me what type of Social Media you are using, like Twitter and Flickr. I would like to know what you are using and how you are using it. How much time is it taking and who is maintaining it? What benefits have you noticed?

I am trying to gather information for a presentation to our Leadership Team.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Leah Stone

Wikis are my number one tool. Social Networking platforms are my number two. Reason I am pushing Social Media (which I prefer to refer to as Collaborative Media) is for Real-Time situational awareness.

Here are two links I think you may find useful right now…



Here at our office, we use these tools internally and “maintain” it informally by encoraging (aka, not prohibiting) enthusists to apply these tools as they see fit. We have not yet installed actual Social Media software for the specific purpose of ‘running social media tools’ but have migrated to SharePoint 2007 which has very basic Social Media functions.

Most people who are beginning to use Wikis dont know that they are using a form of Web 2.0 / Social Media tools. What we encorage (market internally) is “Hey, try applying this to your process and it may save you time and energy!” I call this our Silent Revelution – adapting from the Webolution concept ( by DISA.

The best quote I have seen which applies seemlessly to this idea is “Big Changes Stall, Small Changes Spread”.

I hope this helps….


Lisa – check out the GovLoop wiki – top right and Gov 2.0 Example page for a bunch of great examples.

I’d be interesting in hearing about how much time it takes and people’s staff. From what I gather most of the staffs are a couple people doing it as a collateral duty. Although some agencies are starting to release contract for social media support.

Lisa Roper

My info comes from GovLoop & folks across the Forest Service. Twitter seems to be the big one. An example of staff involved – from our Draft Social Media Handbook includes public affairs, web content manager, partnership coordinator, NEPA writer-editor, other Admin staff. Most folks say it doesn’t take much time at all to Twitter, a couple of hours or so a week seems to be the norm. Of course the Forest Service uses it a lot for fire information. Other FS uses were news releases, incidents, current conditions, illegal & irresponsible activity reporting

Amanda Blount

I posted this in the area where you welcomed me. But, I think I could post it here also.

I am such a nerd. I have a platform of; I want all offices to move to GOV 2.0 technologies, such as facebook, social groups, cloud computing, and more. I seriously feel that when people communicate, time is saved, not lost. I find out so much from my facebook friends, that I would never find out from the small group we have. I just post a question, and within minutes it is answered. Of course, I share my knowledge also. This is a great way to save the government time and money. It is like having one super large office. Maybe one day everyone will feel that way.


Right now, Blogs, forums, and facebook are my favorites. I use them to share information that would take days to find on my own. WHY reinvent the wheel? Some people hoard knowledge and do not want to share, but for everyone of those, there are thousands more on the net who are more than willing to help to get you where you need to go. If I have a question about a FAR reference, or a contracting procedure. I google it, then I have my answer. Of course, I look it up first. But, I haven’t yet found totally wrong information. Maybe outdated, but not wrong. And since contracting folks are mostly TYPE A people, when there is a wrong answer, there is always someone who will correct it. I just can’t see why this type of technology is not being pushed down to the lowest levels. If we are supposed ot be the great stewards of the tax payers money, why are we not utilizing some of the best tools we have to save time and lot’s money. The web also helps save tax dollars by helping to avoid mistakes. just because your office has been doing something the same way for 20 years, does not make it right. (This was not directed at my office – my folks are open and fun to work with.) Of course, there needs to be rules; not sharing private company information, etc. But, this is common and we should follow these plans. – In conclusion, not using Gov 2.0 tools would be just like a carpenter not using a hammer, or a plumber not using a wrench. Web tools are just as important to me as my FAR and DFAR. To say that the web tools can’t be used is a huge waste of time and taxpayer’s dollars.


Lisa Roper

Great points Amanda! I’m with you. Instant messaging has been a great tool for me. But now I realize instant messaging and the like were stepping stones to where we are now.

Amanda Blount

I agree. Also, whenever people network at conferences, then later e-mail each other for more information, that is basically using social contacts to better yourself, and your program. I remember 20 years ago, when we would go on trips and to conferences, there was always a big push to network, get names, and phone numbers. Why? Because, every office knew that we could all learn from each other. I have contacts all over the country. 20 Years ago, I would have called those contacts if I was confused about an issue. Now we can share that information with everyone. 15 years ago that was social media networking at it’s basic – except what we used for contact was called a bag phone or a brick phone! LOL 🙂 We have come a long way.