Social Networking and the Online Town Hall Meeting; E-Government in Action – By Lance Winslow

By Lance Winslow

What happened to the Town Hall meetings? Well believe it or not they still go on and traditionally this is how communities and towns were able to grow in harmony. What will happen in the future age of eGovernance where all levels of government are linked together?

Integrating E-Democracy, E-Government and local electronic town hall meeting input into a seamless online system to help human civilizations is possible. At the Online Think Tank we see a bright future and one which is coming together but one which will also require some special handling and public relations.

Currently we already see quite a bit of Social Networking on the Internet and this fits in nicely to the concept of an Online Town Hall Meeting. It is theorized that we can turn this phenomena of our culture into a platform for local eGovernment initiatives. Allowing input into the system on a local level.

Since all levels of government will be linked netcentrically in the future, consider this an invite to all; E-Government in Action on a Personal eCitizen Level. In the first phase we propose E-Participation initiatives in the form of Blogs, Forums, chat systems as Online town hall meetings.

Local Clubs, Chambers of Commerce, PTAs, Neighborhood Watch Groups and even Local Think Tanks all working together to unite the community. Available to the system will be Digital Problem Solving Libraries, city, county, state, province and National information.

This is the future we see? Can you see the future of eGovernment now? I certainly hope this article is of interest and that is has propelled thought

By Lance Winslow

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L P O'Neil

Online Town Halls can happen now. Tech supporters may be able to collaborate from and across various sectors at local and/or volunteer level. We don’t have to wait for a ‘super’ government initiative. People can start the online town hall process and move it forward.