Social networking in the government

I’m in the middle of my MBA electives at Babson College in Wellesley, MA. One of my electives is called Social Networking & Virtual Worlds. In this course, we are learning all about the benefits that today’s Web 2.0 technologies can provide to a business venture, or a manager in the Government like me! First and foremost, to be a great manager you have to stay in touch with everything that effects your industry. In my case, as a manager for a fee-for-service organization, providing services to the DOT, I have to make sure I know how to do business as efficiently as possible, be in tune w/ how the current generation of graduates are using for technology, and get the Volpe message out to the world……to name a few reasons for understanding today’s technology!

As part of this class we are also collaboratively writing a book using a WIKI. The book chronicles the benefits of social networks and virtual worlds, our experiences with the technology, how we can integrate the technology into our businesses, and includes case studies to expand upon our experiences. My job is to investigate social networks in government, and here I am! I found this site today and plan to incorporate what I find here into the book somehow. I also plan on getting my Government colleagues to join the site!

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Denise Hill

Great! When will the book b ready for distribution? As it is a WIKI, is there a link that we can view the book in progress? Thanks

Gray Craig

Okay … this makes me feel soooo old. My coolest elective was “Nuclear Arms Race” in the late ’80s. Though it is good to see that some colleges are offering courses that will bring current real life technology into the classroom for practical applications that can be readily transferred into marketable skills. Maybe I should go back to school after all….


Thanks for the great feedback! I’ll check out your blog Ethan, contribute as appropriate, and definitely mention you in the “Book.” Denise, we’re not sure about distribution of the book, and I’m not sure about giving people outside the class access to the WIKI, but I will ask! Gray…………….oh yes, things have changed in school, and biz school is waaaay different than engineering school. I got my MS in engineering and it’s a whole different way of learning, and a whole different group of people. Going back to school has been great for me, and I think always educating yourself is worthwhile.