Social Security for the Twenty First Century

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What do you do when things are deteriorating, service delivery costs are increasing, workers are getting more pressured and frustrated, an avalanche of retirements is looming, workloads are increasing, budgets are getting squeezed, and the more you try to fix things the worse they get? What if you also know that if you continue with business as usual, many of the things that your own employees tell you they need to be more effective cannot be realized, even if you spend a lot more money?

These are question the Social Security Administration must answer responsibly. These are the issues addressed in my blog Fix Social Security.

Click Social Security 2020: Vision and Strategy to read about one recommendation for addressing these questions.

Click Social Security Reacts to read how leadership at Social Security responded to suggestions of considering the recommendation.

Click A Comment on “Social Security 2020: Vision and Strategy” for a brief synopsis of the paper.

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