Some interesting Android v Apple surveys, New SkyDrive and more

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Here are today’s top tech stories!

  • Internal Apple survey on Android v iPhone (from 2011) – While most of Apple’s case against Samsung is claiming that Samsung design choices made it hard for users to discriminate, and internal Apple study from back in 2011 (when the Galaxy S had it’s greatest success) is saying exactly the opposite. In this study, most users wanted t0 stay with their current provider, preferred the Android Market, and chose integration with Google applications. I find these assertions from 2011 to be funny, especially because the differences (and highlighted reasons) have become even more pronounced. Via Ars Technica, more here.
  • PlayStation Mobile will certify new devices – currently, the only devices that seem to be certified for PlayStation games are Sony Xperia Play devices, ones which sold extremely poorly. However, it seems Sony is wising up and will begin making their huge gaming library available to select certified devices. The Asus Transformer devices appear on the list, which might spell good news for Tegra 2 and Tegra 3 devices. Via Droid-Life. more here.
  • Toshiba Scraps Plans to Build Windows RT Tablet – Toshiba has confirmed that it will not be making ARM-based Windows RT tablets in the near future. Microsoft will need strong third party developers to make these Windows RT tablets a success. Apparently their decision to make their own tablets is losing them some friends in the OEM industries, which could hurt support for future Windows OS‘s. Via Mashable, more here.
  • Sony announces Cross Buy – It looks like someone over at Sony is finally paying attention. They are now offering a few copy of the PS Vita game if you purchase the PS3 game. Sony will start to see some benefits here, with users more likely to purchase their games if they can use them concurrently on other platforms (Android devices or the PS Vita). Via The Verge, more here.
  • Microsoft SkyDrive gets a Makeover – Just like, Microsoft has updated SkyDrive. SkyDrive is their competitor to DropBox, iCloud and Google’s own Drive. It is important that Microsoft have quality first-party applications when it rolls out Windows RT and it’s own mobile devices. Via Gizmodo, more here.
  • Apple is Creating an E-Waste problem – Over on TechCrunch they have an interesting article that claims that Apple is creating an e-waste concern, simply by changing their port connector. While I have often railed against proprietary cords and connectors (and consider them a reason to not purchase Apple products), it is not their fault that they are evolving. The upcoming 19-pin Apple connector is a huge step forward from the 30-pin, and a necessary improvement. More here.
  • All of Apple’s patent claims against Samsung in one chart – CNet has a great chart that tracks all of Apple’s patent claims. This is a great resource to help track this trail. More here.
  • Groupon’s latest Q2 earnings are a mixed bag – The company, which was clearly struggling immensely last year, turned a profit and showed great improvement from last year. However, they did miss analysts’ hopes. Via SlashGear, more here.
  • Microsoft Surface for Windows RT tablet coming late October – Microsoft is allegedly releasing their Surface tablet for just $199 in late October. At $199, the Surface will be likely be a huge hit. The price is low enough that people are willing to purchase just to see what it is like. Via Engadget, more here.
  • XO completes coast-to-coast 100-Gbps fiber network – The fiber network now has made this large amount of bandwidth available to their customers. They sell to enterprises looking to move huge amounts of traffic between two locations. Via Gigaom, more here.

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