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cleversafe 1Today’s data repositories are growing at a huge pace. Many vendors claim to have the panacea for data woes, but using only one vendor can often result in vendor lock-in (at great cost to the agency). Cleversafe is a unique data management product that is distributed, secure, interoperable and duplication free. The distributed nature of Cleversafe can help agencies face localized data challenges, as well as meet Federal Data Center Consolidation (and now PortfolioStat) requirements. Cleversafe’s enhanced security paradigm means your data is secure – both at rest and in transit. The interoperability of these systems allows for use of Big Data technologies, legacy systems and other data analysis, limiting up front and transactional costs. Maintaining a duplication-free zone of data is something many systems cannot offer. It limits the overall data costs required, keeping storage, power and cooling costs low.

Here are what some analysts are saying about Cleversafe;

“Cleversafe is clearly proving that they’re not a traditional technology provider and they understand the way that Big Data needs to be stored. What I’m most impressed with is their ability to think ahead and anticipate the need for cost-effective scalability.”Terri McClure, senior analyst for Enterprise Strategy Group. Cleversafe’s dedication to scalability is admirable. The ability to scale limits long run costs, and creates an agile adoption of technology. Knowing your storage solution can scale provides a sense of security and comfort when making future plans.

“Cleversafe uses the very nature of cloud computing to both protect and secure data. The cost of replication is cut by 75%, and the processing and management overheads of encryption are avoided.”David Floyer, CTO of The Wikibon Project. Applying cloud strategies to secure data storage enables greater efficiency. Through Cleversafe, resource usage can be maximized, while duplication minimized. This helps limit the disruptive effects of data growth on data centers and budgets.

The data challenges of today make it so there are few one-stop solutions for data needs. Data needs to be accessible, secure and reliable. Data performance often degrades at scale, which limits the value of that data. We constantly change the way we are using data, so a definitive data strategy is impossible, all that can be done is prepare data securely in a flexible store, to be ready for the changing needs of the future.

For more information on Cleversafe, find them on the web, here.

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