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Someone unfollowed me?! But why?! #Twitter

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425… Refresh

427… “Yes!” Refresh

419… “Wait what? Who unfollowed me and why?!”

It happens, many times it’s just bots coming and going, but occasionally something distasteful or obnoxious was posted; other times it’s just because of consecutive uninteresting posts. So what’s driven you to click the unfollow button for either an individual or an organization?

I’ve unfollowed people who make negative tweets about others on Twitter/cyberbully.

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Marc Drummond

If it’s really, really interesting, fine. But if it’s just going for coffee or something done every day, why share that on Twitter? The people that care will find you on Foursquare.

Elliot Volkman

Generally if they have a lot of automated content filling their stream, or it’s just a lot of impersonal marketing stuff from brands I will unfollow them. That and I’m picky on who I follow to begin with because I get a lot of my news or see their personal blogs push out there.

Corey McCarren

Ah yes, I tend to share only on trips, like when I was at Niagara or if I’m back in New York. If it’s somewhere I’m trying to become Mayor I won’t share that. I agree about marketing, it’s always good to have personalized content.