The Spending Bill Expands ID Theft Protection for Feds

id theft protectionThere have been some seriously dangerous cases of identity theft in the recent past relating to federal employees and the government has been faced with stark criticism in this regard too. The OPM data breach was the biggest illustrative of this catastrophe and there have been other small incidents in this regard too. The recent spending legislative bill passed by Congress though has expanded the ID theft protection for all the employees that were affected by the data breach.

ID theft protection expanded:

Congress did give this as a small Christmas present to its employees. The section 632 of the Title VI of the Financial Services (Davison E) Act of 2016 lists what the employees were after attaining after the recent breach. An additional ten years of ID theft protection without any additional costs and 5 million dollars’ worth of ID theft insurance is also provided in this regard.

It was high time that this step was taken by the government as the employees were getting restless and were fearing another breach if the infrastructure was not to be improved by the government. Here’s hoping that we don’t have to deal with any such predicament in the near future or ever again.

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