Spring Time Renewal

What is it about the warmth of the sun?

What a glorious weekend we just enjoyed on the east coast. Sunshine and some nice, warmer, spring-like temperatures. Truly wonderful to think that those wintery, cold days are finally behind us.

One of the women who works with me likes to say that spring is a time of rebirth, and I couldn’t agree more. The holidays are upon us and the earth is coming alive with signs of new growth. This time of year makes me pause, and take stock of where I’m going as far as both personal (think weekend get-away’s) and professional growth.

It seems to me that we are picking up steam in the economy. We’re seeing more opportunities for consulting, training and coaching and are looking forward to more “rebirth”. Are you seeing the same things?

In fact, I’m personally excited about what I see unfolding in organizational development right now: emphasis on engagement, understanding of the core skills necessary to advance to higher levels, and a willingness to invest in them. Issues that many of us in the OD field have embraced. It’s rewarding to find that organizations at large are taking notice of what we’ve all been saying for a while.

If you’ve followed my blogs, you know that these are issues I’ve mentioned on more than several occasions. Now that organizations of all sizes are in agreement that engaged employees are the brass ring…and that one way to grab that brass ring is to “grow” better employees, we are excited to announce that we are offering a few new solutions for some very specific organizational growth needs.

We’ve built our practice on helping organizations strengthen internal capabilities, facilitate collaboration, create greater efficiencies and energize their workforce. At Boxer Advisors, LLC, we don’t tell you what to do, we give you the skills for you to help you and your organization’s better at what you do.

Are you also renewing your business now? I’d be interested in hearing how you’re celebrating this time of rebirth and growth.

If you need assistance or a boost, perhaps implementing one of our Spring into Action solutions would be a great way to jump start your own business rebirth and get things done.

And speaking of getting things done, if you haven’t taken the opportunity to attend one of our webinars, the one we have scheduled for the end of April might be of special interest. We are featuring several Assessment tools, and we’ll even demo one then so you can “try it on for size”.

Boxer Advisors, LLC, is a full-service consulting, training and coaching firm with more than 50 professional consultants, facilitators, and coaches and carefully selected partners providing services to Federal agencies and Fortune 1000 companies since 1996.

Contact us today to learn more.

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