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States Using Twitter to Convey Information About Stimulus Spending

I’ve found two states, Colorado and Nebraska, that are tweeting their spending of stimulus money.


Examples from Nebraska feed:

First Recovery Funds Awarded for State Road Improvements: Gov. Dave Heineman today an.. http://tinyurl.com/c954751:49 PM Mar 17th from twitterfeed

Food Stamp Benefits to Increase in April: Food stamp benefits will increase starting .. http://tinyurl.com/c73pm55:50 AM Mar 17th from twitterfeed

Recovery Funds Used to Clean Up, Investigate Tank Sites: Nebraska Department of Envir.. http://tinyurl.com/b9mkkw10:51 AM Mar 9th from twitterfeed

Communities Receive Recovery Funds for Wastewater Projects http://tinyurl.com/ak6nkj2:49 PM Mar 4th from web

Communities Receive Recovery Funds for Safe Drinking Water Projects…http://tinyurl.com/cewhg710:06 AM Mar 4th from web

Does anyone else know of states using twitter to communicate stimulus spending to their citizens?

These sites aren’t yet listed, that I can find, on the GovTwit directory.

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Melissa Merrell

It appears that both states are using twitter to link back to press releases. There isn’t a lot of data that could be easily aggregated to the state level or the program level to compare across states, but twitter does offer an interesting platform to answer the “What Are You Doing (with stimulus money)?” question.

They have few followers so far, but it will be interesting to see if other states jump on board, and if this is one way states can increase transparency for the general public.