Structure in Threes –Modern IT Portfolio Management: Research

Spent today on a variety of tasks; home and career. Finished pressure washing back porch, put final coat on souvenir cup rack I built on Sunday, and started brainstorming how I could apply Candlestick Charting to managing Business and IT Portfolios. I reason that if you can follow trends in the market, a similar set of dynamics may be at work in the business and IT ecosystems. So far the portfolio research I’ve been doing relating IT functions and its components to business capabilities is proving out. Last week I when through my project achieve to review the properties and attributes at play in the various reengineering projects I’ve done. I’ve noticed a few patterns surfacing and now I’ll be working on analyzing these for correlation, then cause/effect. The results should enhance the Modern IT Portfolio Management methodology I’m writing about.

Tomorrow I’ll go back to reviewing book outline and detailing it to the next level. Been away from the project long enough to have fresh eyes looking at it.

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