Structure in Threes

Spent this morning detailing the book outline. The two part approach looks like it will work nicely: Part One explaining the concepts to those unfamiliar with the techniques giving a foundation to work with, Part Two providing a step by step methodology and explanation of how to use the templates I’ve created. From a one and a half page outline the planning effort has yielded five pages of chapter and section objectives with small screen shots of templates to be used and a good start on the bibliography and suggested reading list. The collection of templates I’ve created in past years that I have to update or clean up is growing rather rapidly, that even before I’ve integrated all of them into a common system. I’m considering creating a common platform like Azure to be the base to integrate all data. However, I don’t think Azure comes with my Office365 Small Business subscription, so I may have to use SharePoint and Access Services which is not a significant limitation for now.

In the meantime still working on getting Home Office back in shape, today’s task will be getting some of the library in workable form. I’ve about twenty stacks of books in front of book cases to reorganize. Now’s the time I wish I had hired that librarian I was talking to at the library of congress. –At least the stacks are chunked into useful clusters by the taxonomy I created for quick access. Glad I sent time years ago researching Ontology, Taxonomy and Semantics; it has really helped throughout the years with research.

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