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“Sweet GovTweets” Sunday 22nd March 2009 Edition

Apologies in advance for errors.

@govloop: 4 Steps 2 Build Transparency in New World Gov- @kpkfusion http://tinyurl.com/d5wlcj #govloop #gov20 #opengov

@govloop: Listen live Gov 2.0 Blogtalkradio w/ OReilly @adrielhampton @planetrussell in 10 minutes http://tinyurl.com/d8vt6f #opengov #gov20 #govloop

@adrielhampton “Making gov cool, finally”? (@municibid) #gov20 #opengov

@adrielhampton: Talking live to @timoreilly: http://www.gov20radio.com #gov20 #opengov http://tinyurl.com/cp96nr

@Lyne_Robichaud: “Social media has changed the world forever”. BlogTalkRadio #gov20 #opengov #gov20

@lyne_robichaud: BlogTalkRadio: “We need these outsiders, the clay layers: the people that wanna make change happen”, said @timoreilly #gov20 #opengov

@lyne_robichaud: Redefining the boundaries of what’s inside, and what’s outside. We see it in work of non profit [@timoreilly] BlogTalk Radio #gov20 #opengov

@adrielhampton: We need hundreds of thousands of people on http://govloop.com, says @timoreilly #gov20 #opengov

@lyne_robichaud: There’s gonna be gold rush about #gov20. It’s a good thing. How much did U spend to build @govloop? [@timoreilly] BlogTalkRadio #open20

@adrielhampton: On #gov20 radio w/@timoreilly & the very cool @sallylieber – she says “reach out to electeds” #p2 #opengov

@adrielhampton: Tim O’Reilly: “People who don’t get social media … won’t be reelected.” #gov20 #opengov #p2 #CA10

@adrielhampton: We’re at a moment where politicians who don’t invest in 2.0, they won’t be reelected. [@timoreilly] BlogTalkRadio #gov20 #opengov

@socialplatte: @BillCrosby @adrielhampton and @ariherzog tweet/post quite a bit about #gov20 and social media in government check them out

@levyj413: Setting data free: DC transit agency to make schedules, routes avail. for app. dev. Transitcampdc, anyone? #gov20 http://twurl.nl/rxzjk8

@taheyr: Connecting social networks http://bit.ly/q5FV #gov20

@cheeky_geeky: On Fox News 130p @andybaldwin is appearing with the U.S. Surgeon General @surgeongeneral1 to talk about childhood obesity!! #gov20

@bashley: If #gov20 stands or falls on transparency, 2 columns in its colonade must be integrity and courage. Others?

@krazykriz: Michael Card at #aspa09: “Cell phone has defined the Millennial generation” #gov20

@gov20camp: Please upload panel ideas on the wiki. But everything is ultimately decided by the tribe on the day-of Government 2.0 Camp!! #gov20

@mweditor: City of Tracy gets social network profiles – to communicate with citizens who might not read papers or watch TV http://ow.ly/1eJ3 #gov20

@p2pt0: prototype recommendation/discussion page for #askpres on the #p2 wiki at http://tinyurl.com/dnyldj please discuss! #bipart #gov20

@munibid: wonders if there is a way to show ROI for #gov20 investments

@adrielhampton: @marlinex thank you! hoping to get you and @craignewmark in two weeks – need to e-mail him #gov20

@adrielhampton: “On Twitter” doesn’t mean “on Twitter.” I had a hard time coming up with a third politician who knows how to use it. #gov20

@sarahbourne: Redefine boundaries of what’s inside v outside to get energy of startup –> govt acts like platform @timoreilly #gov20

@kimsherrell: “government has a hard time cutting through its own bureaucracy” ~@timoreilly #gov20

@dslunceford: @cheeky_geeky @timoreilly just mentioned the “clay layer” in terms of hurdles for #gov20 http://www.gov20radio.com

@municibid Also need local govs with great #gov20 / #web20 websites for #govloop project, please reply if you know any, please RT.

@SusanPowter – guys like @timoreilly and @adrielhampton are helping ameliorate that old Foolocracy. #govloop #gov20

@dslunceford: @timoreilly – check out “Revitalizing Public Service: More than Just Cool” w/Former head of AF HR: www.bit.ly/RNgU #gov20

@muncibid: #gov20 A better job needs to be done in providing ROI projections for #gov20 implementation

@ptpt0: clearer instructions (i hope) on #askpres page on the #p2 wiki at http://tinyurl.com/dnyldj keep the feedback coming! #bipart #gov20

@dslunceford: @TweetCongress featured guest nxt wk! RT @tweetcongress-Tune into @dslunceford talking live to @timoreilly: http://www.gov20radio.com #gov20

@dslunceford Reading: “Bulk Data Downloads: A Breakthrough in Government Transparency – O’Reilly Radar” http://tinyurl.com/ae3n2e #gov20

@adrielhampton: #gov20 radio – you can’t have openness w/out integrity (@sallylieber)

@sarahbourne: Trust question @bobgourley: it’s a real issue-@timoreilly ; (lobbyists) “in their face” needs evolution-@sallylieber #gov20

@govwiki: Spot on. There are no lobbyist for technology, transparency & open source solutions for #gov20. We’ve been i.. http://tinyurl.com/dax3gs

@govwiki: #Gov20 @timoreilly: “Obama the candidate much more transparent than Obama the president. He needs to set th.. http://tinyurl.com/dbpf8u

@adrielhampton: @bobgourley But I believe social media will reveal weak execs & allow the people to throw them out. #gov20 #p2 #govloop

@dslunceford: @timoreilly – “we have a lot of learning to do with government and 2.0…expectations will change” #gov20 radio

@sarahebourne: #gov20 @timoreilly Expectations of privacy are changing. Have to expose issues so we can address them

@adrielhampton: Tim O’Reilly on #gov20 radio: “Don’t pass hasty laws.” #govloop #CA10 #p2

@immunity: @timoreilly Thanks for coming on and raising great points for us. I hope that it will be an exciting this weekend @gov20camp #gov20

@adrielhampton: Think we went over a little on the live-end there – catch the replay of #gov20 radio at http://gov20radio.com – thanks for tuning in!

@judithsthoughts: tech ppl & who use & get social media need 2 interact w/ legislature so electeds dont make laws bout things they dont fully get. #gov20

@midwestmoms: @judithsthoughts re: transparency… has it occured to T.O. that a President is responsible for a lot more than a candidate? #gov20

@judithsthoughts: @MidwestMoms #gov20 of course president has more responsibility than a candidate. but that only strengthens the argument for transparency

@judithsthoughts: @MidwestMoms #gov20 with transparency,with social media, the citizens – the public – get to be an extra check in the check/balance system,

@judithsthoughts: @MidwestMoms #gov20 if the gov uses social media,it will foster an environ where only those who have integrity can survive.

@midwestmoms: @judithsthoughts #gov20 I agree w/chx & balances, but also think this admin. is light yrs ahead of last admin. re: accesibility. (cont)

@sarahebourne: @judithsthoughts @MidwestMoms Candidates can do things quickly; when president, takes longer than a month or two. He has started! #gov20

@immunity There are no lobbyist for technology, transparency & open source solutions for #gov20. We’ve been ignored, door slammed in past

@NASA: @SirKenC Starting in May we’ll have 6 crew members on station full time. When shuttle visits, will be 13 people aboard. #gov20

@lyne_robichaud: @immunity Right. This is what happened to me. Quebec Government slammed the door on June 18, 2008. Denied participation to Flublogia. #gov20

@immunity: @jdarrah I support & epitomize the grassroots effort. It works f/the bottom up. But to change the top, we need to speak b4 congress #gov20

@govwiki: @sarahebourne @krazykriz @MidwestMoms but we the people also have to hold our electeds to their promises.#gov20 .. http://tinyurl.com/ca4723

@guruvan @craignewmark: @vfitzhugh1978 orgs of all sorts need to pay attention to community, whether “customers” or “citizens”. #gov20

@wraptinweb: 27/28 Mar #gov20 in Washington. Need to get our #web20 Govt Business Transformation Community site visible.

@planetrussell: 1/2: #Gov20 Cluetrain redux: 1.) Markets = Conversations 2.) Listen to citizens & peers & speak to them truthfully in clear, plain language.

@planetrussell: 2/2: #Gov20 Cluetrain: 3.) Don’t obfuscate or attempt to centralize control of your org’s. message. Ppl. are already talking. And that’s OK.

@kpkfusion: As in social media, citizens will tend to show preferential attachment for citizen networks having critical mass (Obama). #gov2 #govloop

@kpkfusion: It is the people not the platform that drive citizen participation. #govloop #opengov #gov2 Network behavior is key.

@adrielhampton: @bobgourley But I believe social media will reveal weak execs & allow the people to throw them out. #gov20 #p2 #govloop

@adrielhampton: Here’s the livestream for our #gov20 launch w/@timoreilly: http://bit.ly/IHBKE #govloop #CA10 #opengov #p2 (fyi, too, for @i140)

@mamapigeon: @judithsthoughts #gov20 #p2 #opengov I ‘m marketing a gov’t based webinar that I’d love to discuss with you.

@dslunceford: Couldn’t catch @TimOReilly live on #gov20 radio tonight? You can still listen @ http://gov20radio.com – download 4 tomorrow’s commute

@dslunceford: @lindadroste @GovLoop isn’t network created by gov – it’s a user-created community built *outside* the official gov channels #gov20

@planetrussel: @dsutch Sure: @sradick’s 20 Theses for #Gov20, Cluetrain Style: www.tr.im/gint + @cheeky_geeky’s Citizens are Conversations www.tr.im/hFR3

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