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“Sweet GovTweets” – Thurs 26th March, 2009

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@mbado: jason anthoine of Cohesion is presenting on putting tools into practice at #ali. very practical advice

@mbado: Anthoine: The foundation of employee engagement is centered around employees thinking, feeling and doing. #ali

At #ali workshop led by @ariherzog and @krazykris: measuring impact of social media and determining next steps. How do you measure success?

@moiramcg: ROI: I can = investment, insight, information, influence, interaction, implementation. #ali

@mbado: participants clapping together = wearing our party hats. #ali

measure engagement and effectiveness of social media #ali

@mbado: Herzog: SinkPass allows you to have one username and one password #ali

@mbado: Measuring social media: Are you breaking down silos? Are connections being made? #ali

Measuring social media: Are you breaking down silos? Are connections being made? #ali

@ariherzog: ..and #ali comes to a close with @krazykriz and me as the final workshop leaders on the importance of measurement. Great enthusiasm!

Other gov20, opengov and govloop Tweets

@noeldickover: What level & types of agility does the FedGovt need to have for participation/collaboration to be successful? #gov20

@mixtmedia: So proud of @smburns for being one of the #Fed100 award winners. @GovDelivery is a “must-use” tool for #gov20. Check it out!

@sdeclomesnil: Galerie de photos du Washington State Dept of Transportation (@wsdot ) sur Flickr http://cli.gs/Xsh8Eu bel exemple de #gov20

@robstolz: Met with a government client – GREAT to see they are embracing AGILE for Social Media development projects! Any more out there? #gov20

@mixtmedia: Seriously, @levyj413 Speakers Bureau is brilliant. LOVE it. Again, makes me wish I were a Fed.. 🙁 #gov20

@lyne_robichaud: RT @PeterSantilli Fear is the foundation of most governments. [John Adams] #gov20 #opengov

@wtneary: What’s a better format to compare blogging from local electeds side-by-side to learn from each other? http://bit.ly/D7nhM #gov20

@deb_lavoy: impt dev – govt emps can now leagally use soc media: GSA signs SocMed ToS for FedGov use: http://tinyurl.com/djbhh9 (via @sradick) #gov20

I think this is important – GSA signs deals for agencies to use social networking sites (@nextgov) – http://is.gd/p3gb #gov20

@sdeclomesnil: @dslunceford would you add to govTwit.com some canadian references if we send you some? ie MP’s on twitter? #gov20

@dslunceford: @sdeclomesnil absolutely, if you have a bunch, just send to [email protected] #gov20

@rjohnston: Are we using #gov20 or #gov20camp? There seem to be 2 streams. Are they for different purposes? #gov20

@mweditor: Saudi Arabian city holds online contest, encouraging citizens to participate in solving problems #gov20 http://ow.ly/1rAs

@noeldickover: NAPA collab project discussion was terrific as usual. Lots of ideas on making govt more agile to effect open govt. #gov20

@annagabert: @devinhedge What do you think are some of the best use of wikis in the Gov sector? Curious to know what you think! #gov20

@robstolz: @dwrasmus1 Social Media is the cure 4 internet ID [validation by ur off-line network via LinkedIn/FB, etc.] along w/a Gov initiative #gov20

@kolpeterson: Let’s start a hashtag for Open for Questions #ofq to help WhiteHouse.gov improve next online town hall. #tcamp09 #gov20 Retweet.

@isCool: Reading – Government Agencies Make Friends With New Media from Wired.com http://ow.ly/1t6D #Gov20 #TopProg #TCOT

@ThontonSteve: RT: FSIS Launches RSS and Web 2.0 Tools to Enhance Food Safety Awareness http://is.gd/p4ds #gov20 http://chilp.it/?860561

@nextgov: So it’s official folks: Obama is not going to legalize marijuana to save the economy. I bet half the people watching just tuned out. #gov20

@judithsthoughts: in case you dont have access to c-span3,watch the town hall meeting held by pres obama on the economy here: http://bit.ly/UrSFC #gov20

@smburns: @mixtmedia Thx for note on @govdelivery as “must-use” for #gov20. Am trying to help clients see tie-ins b/w our 1.0 work (email) and 2.0.

@dwatson783: new blog post up regarding web 2.0 tools and government – its the future www.fromthegrassroots.com #honda2.0 #opengov #gov20

@dslunceford: Download new survey results of 370 govt professionals re: #Gov20 barriers & lessons learned across fed/state/local: http://bit.ly/IoGAl

@You2Gov: Open Government is not just about showing how new tools work but about creating compelling visible action w tools. #gov20

@EllnMllr: UK E-government survey urges councils to free data http://ow.ly/1ubW #gov20

@cheeky_geeky: Government 2.0 slides, LOL: Slide 38 ‘make info easier to understand’ / Slide 39: new acronym PMBOK (wtf?) http://is.gd/p89m #gov20

: @cheeky_geeky Project Management Book of Knowledge! #gov20

@svenburg: WSJ.com: The internet industry is on a cloud… http://bit.ly/GlCV #gov20 #cloud #gov20camp

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