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I just found out about the website, and noticed that they have a Government Agencies section.

This brings up a general case about how an increasing number of like-minded communities will have areas of overlap. One of the intriguing aspects of the Web 2.0 technologies is that they provide an alternative to the previously unchallenged zero-sum game. We already have all kinds of interconnections among Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, so that we can easily cross-post, building synergistic relationships among the various environments.

What sort of relationship will we have with
Let the non-zero sum games begin!


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Personally I think there is an opportunity for government to collaborate more with the non-profit sectors. Especially around recruiting…lots of 20-somethings want to give back and “do good” but don’t see that is possible with government. We need to take some of the ideas and branding of non-profits like Idealist, Teach for America, among others…

Cool part is Jake Brewer who used to work at Idealist is now working at Sunlight Foundation which is increasingly focused on government as well.