[email protected] Open Source on Feb 11th – New Open Expression Panel on Middle East

[email protected] gets into technology and policy for its fourth edition Feb. 11 when we explore Open Sourceas software and technical culture. This hot topic is one that warms the hearts of evangelists and makes blood run cold in those who think open source software (OSS) is an invitation to mayhem. For the details, go here:

New Panel on Open Expression: Based on the incredible events we’ve seen in the Middle East, we have just added a senior panel on “Open Expression:”

  • Open Expression Overview: An “open source future” could incorporate open source technology and culture to allow governments and their citizens to better preserve and promote fundamental values such as the freedom of expression and the free flow of information. What would this look like? How can we work together to bring this to fruition? Panelists will speak about how current trends in the open source movement are affecting world events and what further developments are on the way.
  • Panelists
    • Moderator: Erin Pelton, Deputy Spokesperson for Middle Eastern Media, Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, US State Department
    • Ben Scott, Innovation Advisor to Secretary Clinton (formerly of Free Press)
    • Dilawar Syed, President & CEO, Yonja Media Group and member, President’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans
    • Saad Khan, seed investor at CMEA Capital
    • Katherine Maher, ICT Program Officer at NDI

There are still seats available to attend. To register go here:

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Noel Dickover

Hi Stephen,

The panel selection question was more about helping us decide which breakout room to put each of the sessions in. We have like 5 different sizes. So yes, you can definitely switch if you like.