That Other Memorial Day

Memorial Day is for remembering our family and loved ones.
Memorial Day is also remembering and venerating George Orwell’s Rough Men.
Perhaps there is a third memorial, for a time gone by, for our changing way of life. I may be too close to see the whole, I get occasional glimpses.
Technology opens a steady wave of less labor for each dollar of goods produced. What a glory! Unless you’re on the losing end.
This internet disintermediated world, it doesn’t look like the old world. Figure 40 to 60 percent less people. The autonomous economy.
After a shift change at a Hardee’s in Ashland, Virginia, I saw the crew standing in the parking lot, firing up their smartphones to reconnect to their world. I have no idea what they were looking at, but whatever it was, it had their full and complete attention.
Used to be twenty years and a gold watch. Now it’s three years to become a millionaire. Aneesh Chopra, the first White House Chief Technology Officer told me that, as he was going back to private practice.
Of course it has to be the right three years. But that leaves a lot of time for subsequent attempts. Serial opportunities.
Why would you expect your first at-bat to be a home run?
Are you getting up often enough?
The ’80’s, ’90’s and ’oughts aren’t coming back. Good to have a Memorial. Now move on.
Have a loving Memorial Day. Put your ghosts to rest.

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