The addiction of Social Media

This is the first blog post of my very own. I am a blogger for the USCG. No – I don’t rescue people in the middle of the perfect storm, or remove thousands of pounds of drugs from entering our country – not directly anyway. 🙂 Most of my blogs are centered around CG Logistics. I could sing hallelujah to the mountains about all the cool stuff happening in our organization with regards to our Logistics Transformation…If you stay tuned, you’ll probably hear alot about it, as well as my take on how Social Media has been working in our organization. You’ll probably hear alot more stuff, too, which brings me to….

So, if I already blog there, what am I doing here? The fact of the matter is – I have caught the Social Media bug. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and hearing the thoughts of others. I have become addicted to the motivation I sometimes feel after reading someone’s posts. I have also become addicted to passing it on and believing someone experienced the same. At work I invite those kinds of conversations – the ones that come unexpectedly when someone shares an idea with you – and all of a sudden…you’re THINKING…you’re INSPIRED…and whatever you’re doing seems just a little more important than it was before. If you don’t know what I’m talking about…well…I’m so sorry. Follow the right people and maybe you will.

I’ll end with that thought. Thank you for reading and being a part of this experience for me. I’m glad to be a part of a group of fellow “sharers” and collaborators and look forward to keeping up with you all.

ps. Coast Guard – the best organization in the world:

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Adriel Hampton

Glad to have you blogging here as well, Katie! I guess I’ve got the same bug as you, since I stay up to 11 each night blogging after work and family time. Well, not quite each night, but my readers know the picture 😛
Happy to have you at GovLoop!

Katie Hood

Contagious, addicting…I haven’t been at this long, but I have personally felt the positive impact on my life, personally and professionally. I would like to see others experience it as well. Looking forward to keeping up with you…

Andrea Baker

The bug is powerful and the USCG blog is a great example of Government getting it. Glad to see you on here blogging too Katie.

Ari Herzog

As I shared with someone a few days ago about the U.S. military using social media, my perspective is the US Air Force is doing the most, followed by the Army, then the Coast Guard, and the Navy in last place. I say that, because, for instance, the USCG has a comment-moderated blog whereas the Navy’s blog allows no comments. Curious if you (or anyone else) would agree with that order.

Katie Hood

I need to check that out. The blog I do is not comment moderated (it was at first, but we decided to change that), however…it is limited to within the organization. My honest opinion is that we (CG) still need to extend ourselves further to the public…it’s in bits and peices right now. We’re getting there, though…in the past month I’ve seen a growth in our leadership using Social Media tools. We have the right leadership to do it…and in my opinion, that is very important.