The Case for Choosing Open Source Collaboration Technology

Tomorrow, Friday, May 20 at 8:00 A.M. Eastern Time I will be interviewing Kurt Voelker, CTO with ForumOne, a digital communications firm based in Alexandria, Virginia on my Web Radio show ‘Collaboration TechTalk.” The topic will be “The Case for Choosing Open Source Collaboration Technology.”

ForumOne provides internet strategy, online community and collaboration, user experience and design, and innovative website development for non-profits in health, education, the environment, and international development.

In our interview we will explore what circumstances make a compelling case for an organization to adopt collaboration technology in whole or in part. What are the costs and benefits in using open source vs. proprietary collaboration technology? What are some specific tools that ForumOne recommends – e.g. Drupal Commons and Open Atrium – and how do they “stack up” to widely known vendor apps such as SharePoint in terms of power, useability and support? Finally, Kurt will highlight upcoming ForumOne events and web resources that listeners might find useful to learn more about this topic.

Hope some of you can join us! Details for accessing the program (either live or as a later podcast) at this BlogTalkRadio announcement link, or listeners welcome to send me questions via Twitter @glvaughan.

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