The Commodity/Breakthrough Curve

How do you energize a commodity situation…take it to a breakthrough?

Turns out that prior experience has a lot to do with it. This morning I
was talking with a client who has an incredible track record for
creating new opportunities for common commodity products.

He and I share an almost mystical belief that eventually customers will
ask for anything. Remember when cell phones were free? Who would have
thought the most popular phone in history would cost $400…competing
against those free phones?

Commodity occurs when top suppliers supply indistinguishable products.

Breaking a commodity logjam can hinge on easier, faster, cheaper, better
in some way that is defined by the customer.

The trick is to make it available, and then get clients to focus on why
they want it.

The history of fashion, technology, transportation, and other industries
all show a continuous curve of commodity breakthrough development.

Where have you used the commodity/breakthrough curve?

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