The Current State of BYOD: A White Paper Published by, a subsidiary of the technology research, consulting and services firm Crucial Point LLC and a peer site of, has just published the latest in their series of white papers on high interest enterprise IT topics. This one provides a snapshot of the very fast moving trend towards Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in enterprise IT.

This paper, titled: The Current State of BYOD, summarizes several recent surveys, extracting relevance for enterprise CTOs, CIOs and CISOs. The paper provides context on topics like Mobile Risk Management, Mobile Device Management and related topics of security.

Much of the workforce now owns their own mobile devices, typically referring to smartphones and tablets but also, in some cases including laptops, and has incorporated them into their daily workflows, checking email, the news, and communicating with friends and family. They want these capabilities at work as well, and while some government and industry enterprises provide employees with devices, they would rather use their preferred device, which they can access anywhere and anytime. Employers have found that they can sometimes increase productivity and satisfaction while decreasing costs by allowing employees to bring their own devices and use them for work, causing a boom in BYOD in government and industry.

Download this paper at: The Current State of BYOD.

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