The Difference a Tweet Makes- Tips for Social Networking

Hey guys, I’m new to GovLoop- look forward to meeting you all. Here is a link to a blog I wrote with tips on Social Networking. Look forward to your feedback!


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Michael McCarthy, APR

Very good examples of the benefits of Tweeting. Especially surprised at the amount of traffic it drove to your website.

Parham Eftekhari

Thanks Mike- yeah so were we! It definitely fluctuates, but the bottom line is that the more you post your content on other sites (Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, GovLoop…) the more traffic you can drive. It was actually cool, my blog post on twitter not only allowed our network to go to it, but about 5 people ReTweeted it on THEIR twitter, so it went out to even more people who were not part of GTRA’s network. Its really amazing when you think about it.

Charlene Sevier

Thanks for posting this. I am researching social networking for my organization and appreciate tips such as this.

Parham Eftekhari

Add Google Analytics to your website… its a free tool that gives you mad statistics on web traffic including how people get to your site (i.e.- organic searches, specific URLS, etc…)… it shows us who comes from what partners, what social networking sites, even what keywords they searched that lead them to us… its amazing.