The Generals

I’ve become a full convert to the audio book phenomenon. It is an incredibly efficient way to learn. I can knock out books while I’m at the gym or doing laundry. It’s wonderful. I’m currently working my way through The President’s Club. The last audio book I finished, The Generals by Thomas E. Ricks, is what I want to talk about today.

The Generals is a lucid tale of U.S. Army leadership in the 20th- and 21st-centuries. I went into the book not expecting much but determined to finish it as it was recommended by someone I trust and admire. I am very glad I did. Ricks not only presents ample historical data to make his points, he presents it in the form of competing leadership models. This makes all of the information that much more useful and easier to follow. I feel as though I am armed with a new tool to take into my career that will be very useful. I also underestimated, prior to this book, just how awesome the example was that General George Marshall set, and just how positive and lasting the impact was that he had on U.S. history (he was the man that selected and groomed Dwight Eisenhower for the post of Supreme Commander in World War II, against established opinion).

If you sign up for a monthly subscription at, you get the first month free and discounted audio books every month. I highly recommend it.

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Andrew Krzmarzick

Me, too! I’ve knocked out at least a book a month using Audible. My rhythm is to listen to a book for about 30-40 minutes each night while I clean the kitchen / do the dishes. I also pretty much listen to a full book on a road trip from Durham to DC. It’s a great way to pass time, learn something and get inspired.