The GSA Business Roundtable is right around the corner!

The May 22nd GSA Business Roundtable is a Myth-Busters event bringing together procurement professionals and senior executives from GSA and its industry partners for a dialogue focusing on Acting Administrator Dan Tangherlini’s new mission statement and six priorities. The mission statement and priorities can be found here. And as noted in last week’s blog post, the homework assignment for all those attending the roundtable is to review the mission statement and six priorities. Attendees should come prepared to discuss GSA priorities and practices that can increase best value outcomes for customer agencies and the American people.

GSA Priorities

Although there will be no “test” on the homework assignment, there will be plenty of opportunities to engage in a positive dialogue regarding GSA’s new mission statement and priorities. What does it mean for GSA’s government-wide procurement programs and its contractors? Are there processes that can be improved to deliver greater efficiency and effectiveness for customers and contractors? What commercial best practices for procurement can contractors share with GSA? These questions and more will be discussed during the Business Roundtable session entitled “Myth-Busters Discussion Exercise.”

The “Myth-Busters Discussion Exercise” will bring the speakers, panelists and attendees together for group discussions which the Coalition hopes will identify “Great Ideas” for improving GSA’s procurement programs and contracting vehicles. In addition to the “Myth-Busters Discussion Exercise,” the afternoon portion of the Business Roundtable will consist of breakout sessions. These breakout sessions will provide an opportunity for focused dialogues on four key GSA program areas/initiatives: (1) Leveraging Government Requirements Through Strategic Acquisition; (2) Acquisition of Services; (3) Cost Saving Strategies for the Federal Workplace: PBS and IWAC Initiatives; and (4) The IT Portfolio. More information on the agenda and the breakout sessions can be found here.

The Coalition and its membership look forward to an engaging Myth-Busters dialogue that focuses on GSA’s mission, priorities and business opportunities. See you next week!

Roger Waldron


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