The Most Important Tech Blogs For Enterprise Technologists

I’d appreciate your views on the most important tech blogs, the ones you find are of critical importance to keeping you informed on emerging technologies relevant to your decision-making. I have a list of my favorites embedded below. These are the blogs at the forefront of topics like Big Data, Cloud Computing, BYOD, Mobile Security, Web2,0, Gov2.0, OpenData and Consumer Tech. Please look the list over and tell me who I have left out.

I usually start each day with a review of these and when I have time I try to periodically check in on them through the day. They are a great influence on us and what we decide to focus on here at CTOvision.

The list below was built by use of our own Twitter list management capability called TwitChimp. This capability makes it easy to create, curate, synchronize and embed Twitter lists. It also provides easy ways to learn more about Twitter accounts in the list. Just click on any account below to learn more.


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