The One Quality You Need to Succeed in 2014

When you remind yourself of what you had planned to accomplish this year, do you start feeling really good about yourself, confident and ready to take 2014 by storm?

Or do you try not to think about the past year at all because the thought of repeating it is something you want to leave well in the past?

Here’s the thing:

You can go into the new year with a positive outlook, with plans and actions that enable you to achieve your goals, to finally get healthier, or make a mark in your career that enables you to get paid more and promoted faster or become a better parent, spouse, and friend.

But unless you have this single powerful quality…

NONE of them will work.

What is this indispensable quality?

Self-Discipline. Here are 5 ways to achieve that.

1. Make decisions in advance and stick with them: When you make a decision about something you should write it on paper. Try writing details along with it, along with the outcome that you are hoping from it. It’s very hard to deny something that you want in the first place and sticking to that decision for a long time is hard as well. In order to avoid this trouble you have to draw a clear picture of the entire situation in front of you while refusing to give in.

2. Know the value of something important: You can avoid instant rewards only if you know the exact importance of something in your life. You need to know what things are important to you the most and what needs to be cherished. Do you want a brand new car for yourself or are you satisfied with your old car that is completely debt free? If you are perfectly satisfied with your old debt free car then you can put your thoughts on hold for a brand new car with payments.

3. Plan Ahead: Having every detail of your life planned ahead is not something that we want but when it comes to your goals and passions, you need to plan your way to reach them. You need to make a plan about your credit and finances to buy something expensive, you need to plan your career path in order to achieve career excellence. If you are following your desire through a planned method you can easily avoid the urge of settling with the immediate rewards and move forward to your goals more effectively. With a plan, everything that you do goes in the right direction and you can evaluate what you need to do to achieve your goals.

4. Make Priorities: It is very important that you have clear priorities about your decisions and desires. You have to make the important things the priority for you and not let anything else get in the way.

5. Make short term goals: The hardest thing to do with delayed gratification is to wait for the reward or the goal. The longer it takes the harder it gets. And at times you may feel like quitting the goal and settle with the immediate reward. The key to control your emotions is to keep yourself self-motivated. To achieve this, instead of choosing a big goal, you can divide it among many short term rewards and celebrate each time you achieve any of these goals. This will keep you focused towards the goal and help you stay motivated.

For more information, check out this resource: Self Discipline Strategies Revealed

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Ciarra Greene

I love this… BUT don’t forget to leave room for adventure, spontaneaity, and fun (which… I know, I know- it too can be scheduled planned, etc.)

Have a great New Year and I appreciate you sharing this! Great time for all of us to refocus and start the New Year refreshed!