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The Power of Transformation

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would that be?

I’m pretty certain that there are things we’d all change, if we could. Maybe it’s the way we deal with stress or anger. Perhaps it’s in how we delegate and our willingness to cede some control. The bottom line is, we all have those things we’d change.

So, why don’t we?

We all know that it’s far simpler to WANT to change, than to DO it. Nike’s message resonates exactly because DOING is the thing we aspire to; though not all of us can say we have. Transforming ourselves into that smarter, nicer, fairer, more action oriented version of ourselves is a process; one that starts often with a vision of what we’d rather be. Sometimes, transformation occurs not because we know who we rather be, but because we know how we’d like to impact people around us.

Would you like a more energized, engaged and committed team? Show them a more passionate you.

Transformational leadership looks at your current impact on your team and shifts the focus to the impact you’d rather have. The impact you need to have the strongest team, and healthiest organization. Transformational leadership understands that leadership is not static, but rather is a feedback loop between you and your team. What impact have your words and actions had? Is the goal being advanced or is it stagnating? Are your team members engaged and giving you 100%? You control the response of your team by being a more passionate, more clear, and a more engaged leader.

Think it’s tough to tap into those aspects of you? Forget the skills you have, focus on the results you want. Here are three key ingredients for success as a Transformational leader:

1. Be passionate,

2. Think outside the box, and

3. Keep a continual feedback loop with your team.

Transform your team, by transforming yourself.

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