The Power of Your Goals

Quote: “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” – Tony Robbins

One of my favorite motivational speakers is the late Zig Ziglar. When it came to the topic of goals, he flat out sold you on the concept. He said are you a “meaningful specific” or a “wandering generality?” Wow, great stuff, right? In other words, do you have a definite, clear plan of action for your life/career or are you just along for the ride? Take control.

Decide what you want and do what it takes to get there. Then, you have to ink it. Yes, write it down and stick on your refrigerator. Look at it every day. A goal that is not written is just a dream – one you will never attain. Did you know that the act of writing actually sharpens your thinking and stimulates your creativity? When you write, you can only focus on one thing at a time. This forces you to spend that time on your goal. Remember, whatever you focus on expands.

Then set a reasonable deadline. When can you realistically reach this goal? Next list the steps you need to achieve that goal then take action every day. Don’t let one day go by without doing something to move you toward your goal.

Tell a good a trusted friend that will encourage you about your goal. Oftentimes when we are accountable to another person, it forces up to really make the changes we need to. When you are goal-oriented, new opportunities will open up for you because your mind is now looking for them.

Action Item: Write down your top 3 goals for this coming year. Do the steps above.

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