The State Perspective of the Social Media Subcouncil

As you may have read on the Social Media Subcouncil’s first blog post and from Jeffrey Levy’s latest post, the Social Media Subcouncil is up and running in public!

As a member of the Subcouncil, I’m so excited to start getting some of our draft concepts out to the larger community of government communicators and innovators.

As an employee at the State government level, it’s been exciting to work with a diverse group at the federal, state and local levels (see our members). At first, I worried whether being “just” a state government representative would allow me to fully participate, since much of the momentum for social media seems to be rooted within the federal community. It didn’t take long to realize that our issues are the same at every level when it comes to addressing barriers, getting buy-in, and making the business case.

I look forward to interaction with members on GovLoop and on Twitter, where we’ll be initially holding dialogue as we roll out more information.

Visit our wiki and participate! We have a number of things ready for review and input, or if you have ideas for us, you can let us know too.

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Great stuff. Love the fed/state/local dialogue. I’m really digging the logo. And I’m seeing a rise of PBwikis – I met Ramit the co-founder a few years ago and he seems like a great guy.

Marilyn Clark

Thanks Steve! We’re really breaking down some of those barriers between levels of government in this collaboration. Funny thing about PBWiki, seems like that might be one of the only social media tools that’s NOT blocked at one of our agencies. With a collection of 30 some odd people from other agencies, it was kind of humorous at first as we struggled to find something compatible. Unfortunately Ning sites are blocked at many agencies too.

Thanks for all the work you are doing and for the support you’re providing by creating this venue for us to collaborate and communicate!