Thetus Savanna: Powerful but easy to learn analytic tools


thetusSavanna by Thetus is a powerful suite of tools that let you work through the lifecycle of analytical issues, including some very complex, knotty problems. It is the only tool I know of that enables fast, user-generated, model-enabled analysis.

It is very capable, and surprisingly easy to learn. This means once an enterprise has installed and configured Savanna very little (or no) training is required before the workforce can apply it. Organizations will definitely want to think through the best uses of Savanna, but even that is not hard. I recommend doing that two ways: 1) Watch some of the overview demos of Savanna on Youtube and 2) Watch the overview I built below that walks you through how I used it to help get my head around some real world issues in federal IT.

Then contact the Thetus team and ask them to come to your organization for an in-person demo. I believe this is the sort of capability best shown in a proof of concept so ask if they will be willing to do that.

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