Thirteen Thoughts for 2013

Today marks the end of the first full work week of 2013. Welcome back everybody! The Coalition hopes all had a wonderful Holiday Season. This time of year everybody does lists. This year the Coalition, for the first time, is providing a list that we hope you find interesting and thought provoking. Here are our “Thirteen Thoughts for 2103:”

1. Is GSA’s mission impossible possible?
2. The GSA Expo, to be or not to be?
3. ODCs in 2013! (?)
4. Contract duplication. . . . hitting the delete button.
5. Closing the door on the Demand Based Model in 2013!?)
6. Put “Commercial” back in commercial item contracting!
7. From Strategic Sourcing to Strategic Acquisition
8. GSA’s 2012 waiver of the Price Reduction Clause—a statement in favor of competition!
9. Better Buying Power Metrics: how do we measure success?
10. Myth-Busters – continuing the dialogue is more than checking the box!
11. Requirements development—the blocking and tackling of federal procurement
12. The $500 billion question: an open or closed federal procurement system?
13. Oversight of the procurement system— is there balance?

These thoughts highlight some of the key challenges and opportunities facing the federal procurement system. They reflect issues of broad interest across the procurement community. The Coalition looks forward to continuing the dialogue with and among government and industry on improving the procurement system. In a time of economic challenge and fiscal constraint it is imperative that federal acquisition policies, procedures and programs provide sound business opportunities for contractors that deliver best value to customer agencies and the taxpayers. Next week’s blog post will provide observations and predictions regarding “Thirteen Thoughts for 2013.”

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