Those whom control the media, control the people. Part 1

While some of us live our lives in terabytes, there is those who don’t. A big percentage of people rely to get their news from reading the newspaper or the television. For example, earlier this year we had two big tragic events. The first event was the Texas fertilizer plant explosion, which hardly got any media attention, and even thought more that 160 people were hurt, something as big and as serious that was, you would think I would remember where the exact place or town it happened in, right? The truth is i don’t remember, no matter how much I try to remember I probably will not remember, unless I research it. That’s because I’m human. We remember things by association or by hearing it over and over and over and over again. I watched this video over and over again. And the more I watched it the more I realized that the man video taping it either had something to gain or was like the guy whom shot those people at the movie theatre. That explosion was no accident. This got two days of media attention and if you notice the news people don’t say where exactly the explosion was so chances are we aren’t going to remember where it was so we will forget about it and fas

Both videos provided by Youtube.


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