Three ways tech can make cities greener

Mashable offers three simple technology strategies for making cities greener. First on the list is offering WiFi on transit. Chris Taylor writes:

That’s the major advantage transit has always had over driving — you can do other stuff while you’re on it. And in today’s hectic work world, extra time online during the day is like gold dust. It wouldn’t even have to be free. Cities could provide it to riders at cost for a monthly fee, or get companies to sponsor it. They’d reap the rewards in massively increased white-collar ridership and provide an elusive sense that riding the bus is actually something to aspire to.

He also suggests using location-based applications like Foursquare to encourage walking — and transit use – by adding check-in locations throughout cities. His transit hook: “While you’re at it, these posts could offer transit details on nearby buses, and inform you how much money you’ll save getting to your destination on transit versus using gas, much as Google Maps does now.” And, finally, he recommends using parking sensors to change driving behavior through real-time pricing. Link to full story in Mashable.

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