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To those without snow days….Thank You

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So, as many of you know I am not from Chicago – I am from Texas.

Texas – a land with no blizzards..or snowocalypses … or snOMG … or whatever other cute names you can come up with for seriously freezing cold, wind that blows people off the street, or makes it to where you can’t see in front of your face.

A lot of people get snow days when things get this bad. You know who doesn’t get snow days?

Chicago Police Car

Chicago Fire Truck

Chicago Snow Truck

The Cops, Firefighters, and Streets and Sanitation don’t get snow days. While you’re all cuddled up in your Snuggie and hot chocolate – these guys are in the trenches getting things done. Anyone whose had to try to drive after a snow storm knows the importance of the streets guys. The Fire Department and the Police Department are always heroic, but to do what in this weather takes dedication beyond that of a normal public servant.

So, since I’ve gotten a snow day – I just wanted to take time to thank the public servants that don’t get snow days. Particularly streets and sanitation, which can seem like a thankless job. Thank you for your service – you rock.

Side Note: Many cities have blown through their city budgets with all this snow – per CBS news

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Candace Riddle

Kudos…you totally rock. Especially when you scoop up all the snow that we push out of our drives into the street..and refrain from plowing us in…not to mention I’m super grateful for the trash men and women that still brave the freeeeezing cold to take my garbage away. BRAVO!

Ellyn Avila

Don’t forget the Call Centers. Our 311 is always open more hours during city-wide emergencies. Thank you Call Center Agents!

Jenyfer Johnson

Although I live in SC now, I grew up in upstate New York (Finger Lakes area) and am well accquainted with snow and snow days!!

Many thanks should go out to everyone that has to work clearing roads, manning call centers, delivering mail, picking up trash and so on. Living in a farm region we always saw the milk trucks still running to pick up the milk as well in horrible weather!!

Thanks should also go out the the local “Fireside Funds” or whatever they are called in your town/city…funds that go to pay for people’s electric or gas bill when they can’t afford it. This is a noble charity and one that is needed in so many places!!

Caryn Wesner-Early

Thanks for writing this, to remind us to thank them! I also want to mention the people who work for the electric company picking up the sparking wires that are entwined in the branches of the tree that brought them down, re-stringing them with the blizzard continuing to howl around them, and getting interrupted by irate customers who scream at them for not coming sooner. It’s not their fault that the company didn’t hire/activate enough workers to get the job done!