Today & Tomorrow Only! Free e-Book of “The Moment of Oh!”

Attention Amazon Kindle users! Don’t miss out on a great opportunity from NCDD organizational member, CivilSay! Today and tomorrow, you can download a free copy of The Moment of OH! by John Blakinger and Greg Ranstrom on to your Kindle e-Book reader. Not a Kindle user? Well, you can still order a copy of their “guide to help communities make tough decisionsat or visit their website where each chapter will be posted on their blog through April 2013. Here’s a little more about the book…

The Moment of Oh! Making Community Decisions

Moment of Oh!Are you involved in tough community decisions? Public servants and community leaders get a lot of things right; however, a few crucial decisions can become lightning rods for communities they serve. “The Moment of Oh!” was written with those high-voltage community decisions in mind. The authors distill the essential elements of tough community-decision processes. Their approach starts from the perspective of the individual community member and considers his or her current level of engagement with the issue. The book describes the five stages of engagement. Becoming familiar with the stages helps leaders understand the trajectory of the community’s decision-making process and determine the best steps to ensure the process goes as well as possible. The book also explains seven core principles that must be present for healthy community decision making.

Also, iOS users can also take advantage of this offer with the Amazon Kindle App, available through the iTunes store.

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