Toledo agrees to study monorail at critic’s request

Responding to one of its most vocal critics, the Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority (OH) agreed to prepare a report on monorail systems in other localities. Kevin Haddad, a Sylvania Township trustee, proposed a 25-mile monorail to be built largely in highway medians. “You’d have no waiting for a bus in the rain. It would be clean, fast, and comfortable,” Haddad said and predicted that such a system would revitalize Toledo “Let’s be a model. Otherwise, turn out the lights and lock the doors,” he said. Although Haddad was certain that federal funds would be available for what he called a $300 million project, agency officials and directors were not so sure. They said that TARTA could not even cover the local match on such an undertaking, which they believed was more likely to cost $150 million per mile. Link to full story in Toledo Blade.

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