Supervisory No-Nos

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Supervisory No-Nos

Unforgivable and Sometimes Unlawful Behaviors by Supervisors

1. Treating individuals unequally because of gender, culture, age, educational, religious

background, etc.

2. Not keeping a trust with an employee

3. Blowing hot and cold

4. Failure to follow basic policies and procedures and laws

5. Losing your cool in front of others

6. Engaging in a personal relationship with someone you supervise

7. Being indecisive

This list is possibly longer but these seven seem to stand out as unforgiveable.

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Profile Photo Caryn Wesner-Early

9. Lying about current or past employees in an effort to keep them from getting another job (if anyone knows me on this list, I hasten to add that my direct experience with this was over 25 years ago, but it still stings).

Profile Photo Roslyn Brown

Hi Diane … nice running into you again! I have one to add to the list: How about supervisors who forget about rules of civility when talking to their employees, or who treat their employees like children?

Profile Photo Stacy Rapp

Definately agree with Andre on communication, but not just communication. Consistent communication…ie if you tell it to one make sure EVERYONE gets the relay. Otherwise you can’t hold accountability with anyone.