Top 3 Things We’re Looking Forward to at mHealth Summit

The following is a guest post from mobile health entrepreneur and thought leader, Douglas Naegele. Doug is the Founder and CEO of Infield Health, located in Washington, DC. Follow them on Twitter @InfieldHealth.


As the HIMSS Mobile Health Summit starts next week, there are three things I’m excited to hear progress about:

1. Taking Sensors and Trackers Off Of The Island

How are the makers of hardware (sensors) and software (data trackers) integrating the data they collect with comprehensive systems such as EMRs or PHRs? And once ‘received’, how does that new data increase what’s actionable about a patient’s health?

2. Adoption by Traditional Providers

What mHealth initiatives are being adopted by everyday providers, not just the fantastic tech-centric, early adopters? What measurable benefits are they seeing in patient outcomes, hospital bottom-line, etc.?

3. mHealth and The Feds

Is there any new guidance from the FDA on regulating mHealth? Can CMS or the DoD / VA systems set a tone for how to reimburse for the usage of mHealth or telehealth by front-line doctors?

While I’m sure everyone has their own list if items they’d “Would love to know”, that’s mine. What’s yours?

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