Top 5 Daily Doses of 2011

1.) “Daily Dose: Another Government Shutdown?” by Jeff Ribeira,
When the threat of a government shutdown came to light in February, GovLoopers were clearly concerned. They debated whether or not they believed the government would resolve its differences by the spring, launching this Daily Dose into the top spot by far.

In attempts to trim the budget this summer, the White House capped the amount available to be given out as employee performance awards. This made it unclear whether or not employees in non-senior positions would receive end of the year bonuses.

3.) “Daily Dose: Boxers, Briefs, or Ballistics?” by Jeff Ribeira,
This spring the Pentagon started investing in new undergarments for US troops in Afghanistan that would protect them from small particles and fragments from minor blasts. This launched a debate of whether or not this was smart government spending.

4.) “Daily Dose: Is Government the Minor Leagues?” by Stephen Peteritas,
Tech savvy govies were moving en masse from their public service jobs, and heading west to work for social media giants and other tech based companies. The community discussed whether or not government jobs were becoming glorified internships, or starting points for jobs in the public sector.

5.) “Daily Dose: Which Matters More, the Game Plan or the Coach?” by Stephanie Slade,

In May, the community was challenged with the question of what was more important for an organization’s success: the person in charge, or the way it is structured.

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