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Top 5 Member Blogs of 2011

Top Member Blogs The internet is a weird place and getting eyes to your content is hard. Of course there are tricks like SEO (search engine optimization), catchy headlines, and in the case of GovLoop getting in the carousel or newsletter. But more so than anything else the thing that drives eyes to content isRead… Read more »

Top 5 US Federal Agency Websites in 2011

Government agencies have not always been known as leaders of the web design industry. However, in recent years and even months, there have been a few that truly are on the cutting edge of quality design and user experience. Granted, not every agency requires a modern, flashy, public-facing website, but if your agency engages theRead… Read more »

Top 5 Women in Federal Gov’t of 2011

5. Elizabeth Warren – Former Chairman of the Congressional Oversight Panel; Former US Special Advisor to the President on Consumer Financial Protection; 2012 US Senate Democratic Candidate in Massachusetts After establishing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Harvard Law Professor returned to Massachusetts to run for the United States Senate. Pundits were unsure how theRead… Read more »