Top 5 Enterprise Security Strategy Requirements, Lenovo is top PC OEM and more


Here is today’s top tech news and stories.

  • Cleversafe awarded patent for “dispersed storage network virtual address fields” – The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: “A dispersed storage network includes a dispersed storage device to store data. The dispersed storage device includes a processing module operable to slice a data segment of a data object into data slices, in which the number of data slices corresponds to a number of pillars for storing the data object. The processing module further creates a slice name for each of the data slices. The slice name includes routing information containing a vault identifier that identifies at least one user of the data object and a slice index based on the vault identifier and a pillar identifier that identifies a pillar associated with the data slice. In addition, the slice name includes a source data name containing an identifier of the data object.” Cleversafe is one of the most aggressively patenting companies in the US, developing increasingly secure and speedy data storage solutions. Via, more here.
  • Google updates Street View with 250,000 miles – This huge update to Street View only increases the head-start that Google Maps have on the nearest competitor. Mapping capabilities are good not only for consumers, but also for any enterprise targeting “blue oceans” and unrealized opportunities. Via The Verge, more here.
  • Acer’s touchscreen ultrabooks will be out 26 October – As someone who has become almost entirely accustomed to touch-based interfaces, I find myself looking to touch in any computing experience. Acer’s touchscreen laptops will be a little more expensive than their touch-free types, but should be pretty awesome at the end of the day. Via The Verge, more here.
  • Lenovo to take the PC crown next quarter – Gartner (via TechCrunch) is reporting that Lenovo shipped more PCs than HP to become the worldwide market leader, with 15.7% share. IDC is reporting slightly different numbers, but it is the same in the end. HP has lost WebOS, and they are losing PCs. Is it the true death knell of HP or do they have a chance? Via TechCrunch, more here.
  • The Top 5 Requirements of an Enterprise Security Strategy, by John Burke – Over at Enterprise CIO Forum they have an excellent piece that can help you develop your enterprise security strategy. “Security without strategy is like a ship without a rudder and compass: difficult to steer and easily blown off course.” Via Enterprise CIO Forum, more here.

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