Transitioning our Disruptive IT List to a CTOlabs.com Directory

Since the beginning of our publishing at CTOVision.com we have sought to highlight the technologies and companies that hold the greatest potential of positive disruptions in enterprise IT. One of the reference lists we developed is our online “Disruptive IT List“. Thanks to feedback from readers, including CTOs from enterprises and from IT companies, we have been able to use this list to give technologists a bit of insight into technologies of high interest.

We have decided to enhance this list by turning it into a searchable directory with more information and cross links to related reporting on each firm mentioned. We are migrating the list to the capability directory at our CTOlabs.com site. We will make another announcement when this migration is complete, but for a sneak peak for what is in store, visit: the Disruptive IT Directory here.

We have also built in a new way that companies can nominate a firm to bring it to the attention of our analysts. This does not guarantee acceptance in our directory, but will ensure we give it a good look. To submit a capability we don’t know about: Nominate a firm here.

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