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Trends in Government Innovation

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The role of technology and design in government is undergoing a significant change. As digital and mobile technology advance, user-centered design and open source platforms are changing from nice-to-haves to necessities in the public sector. There is growing recognition in public institutions that the slow pace of bureaucracy can’t keep up with the rapidly changing landscape of issues that governments address everyday, across finance, technology, infrastructure and social systems.

Below is a selection of recent articles and resources that highlight this movement:

It’s clear that any organization would benefit from well-designed digital services, but for government that has become an absolute necessity. The push to champion innovation through open platforms coincides with the same government agencies aligning their values with collaborative, agile and user-centered practice. If this movement is able to flourish, both the public and government agencies will be more empowered to collaborate, innovate and collectively solve the most pressing issues of our time.

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