Trends on Tuesday: 20 Million Scanned QR Codes

According to Internet marketing research company comScore, 20.1 million mobile phone owners in the U.S. used their device to scan a QR code in October.

Among these mobile users who used their phone to scan a QR code, 59.4% did so from home, while 44% did so from a retail store and 26.6% did so from a grocery store. 21.4% scanned a QR code while at work, while 11.2% did so outside or on public transportation with nearly 10% scanning a QR code while in a restaurant.

More from comScore.

QR codes are two-dimensional codes that are scanned with a smartphone, connecting individuals to additional online content or information. More on QR codes in the Mobile Gov Wiki.

Agencies, like TSA, are starting to use these symbols, whichlook like a squiggly-maze, on signs and other real-life media to direct people to additional information. Looks like people are learning how to use them.

Is your agency using QR codes? Tell us how in the comments.

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